The Invisible Reading at Compendium, Camden Town, March 1995.

Anthony Barnett reading from Carp & Rubato.

Harry Gilonis reading Window, Light Outside, his contribution to The Invisible Reader. The poem takes its title from the image by Bill Culbert on the front cover of the anthology.

Rob MacKenzie reading Comfort from the Death of Stephen Milligan, MP or 17 Points of Disagreement with Stephen Rodefer??

Stewart Home, avant-bard.

Bill Griffiths reading from his long-ish poem The Alien. Woodrow Phoenix, who contributed the lovely wordless picture sequence The Liberty Cat to the anthology, is leaning against the wall by the desk. Woodrow also designed the Invisible Books logo and did a huge amount of work on many of the books.

Close-up of Bill Griffiths reading.

David Dellafiora reading. He contributed the endpiece to The Invisible Reader but that’s probably not what he’s performing here. The banners which head our web pages are taken from ‘The Table of Enlightenment’ David made for Bill Griffiths’ book Rousseau and the Wicked.

Harriet, who was very patient throughout the evening, with Bridget.

Bill Griffiths interview
Maxi Kim interview
On Rea Nikonova
Spike Island, Bristol, 2011