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Robert Aickman | Dark Entries | Fontana | 1964 | Minor wear to cover & edge. Title faded on spine. Paper tanned with age, edge foxed | £40

Nelson Algren | The Man with the Golden Arm | Ace | 1961 | Ace-H414. Good looking copy with small mark on lower edge, remainder stripe or similar on top edge, edges foxed. | £20

Nelson Algren | Somebody in Boots | Mayflower Dell | 1964 | Cover & edge worn; label trace & a few marks on cover;paper tanned; pre-decimal price inked on ffep; short fingernail tear in margin of p.281 | £15

J. D. Beresford | The Camberwell Miracle | Penguin | 1939 | First Penguin printing. No jacket, cover rather worn & marked, with a 1 cm split at the top of the fold of front panel/spine. | £30

Anthony Berkeley | The Poisoned Chocolates Case | Penguin | 1936 | First Penguin printing. No jacket. Cover is very worn & heavily foxed, with a previous owner’s name inked near the top. Front cover set forward, corners worn, splits at extremities of spine. | £50

Nicholas Blake (C. Day-Lewis) | The Case of the Abominable Snowman | Collins | 1946 | White Circle pocket edition, printed for the Canadian market. Cover worn, edge of spine scuffed, back cover marked, outer edge of page-block worn & marked, front cover set forward. No problem with text pages, & cover still looks good. | £30

Malcolm Braly | Felony Tank | Gold Medal; Frederick Muller | 1961 | upper corner of cover bumped & lightly creased, front cover set a little forward, name on ffep | £20

Michael Braun | Love Me Do – The Beatles’ Progress | Penguin | 1964 | handsome copy with moderately creased spine, light general wear to cover | £30

Chandler Brossard | All Passion Spent | Popular Library | 1954 | light creasing to cover, short split at bottom of edge of front cover/spine, short three cornered tear at bottom inner corner of ffep | £15

Chandler Brossard | A Man for All Women | Fawcett Gold Medal | 1966 | minor wear to cover, front cover set a little forward, reverse of cover rather worn & marked | £10

Fredric Brown | Compliments of a Fiend | Bloodhound | 1957 | Spine creased & chipped at edges, number in biro on cover | £20

Fredric Brown | The Lenient Beast | Corgi | 1959 | cover creased & worn, split at extremities of spine; some loss at extremities of spine; pressure marks on back cover & last few pages of book | £10

Paul Buck | The Honeymoon Killers | Blue Murder | 1990 | 9781854800381 cover rather worn & scuffed, paper tanned with age | £14

Raymond Chandler | The Lady in the Lake | Penguin | 1952 | First Penguin printing. Pre-decimal price pencilled on cover, some sunning / discoloration to white areas of cover, edges of page block tanned with age. | £30

James Hadley Chase | More Deadly than the Male! | Guild Books | 1953 | Minor wear to cover & edge, front cover set a little forward. First Guild Books printing. | £50

James Hadley Chase | You’re Lonely when you’re Dead | Pocket Book | 1951 | First Pocket Book edition. Light wear to cover, very light crease to top corner of first few (non-text) pages. | £50

Morrill Cody | Hemingway’s Paris | Tower | 1965 | spine lightly creased | £10

Nik Cohn | Arfur | Panther | 1973 | 0586035729 First paperback printing. Predominantly white cover is rather worn, with very light foxing, & a darker mark at the edge of the spine. Paper is tanned, & the reverse of the cover & endpapers are foxed. There are a couple of tiny fingernail nicks to the outer edge of the book. | £50

Norman Collins | Penang Appointment | Penguin | 1939 | First Penguin edition in unclipped jacket. The crease of the front flap of the jacket is rather worn & partly split. Otherwise this is a bright attractive copy. | £100

Robin Cook aka Derek Raymond | The Crust on its Uppers | Pan | 1964 | Pan G684 – light wear to edge, top edge a little foxed | £25

Albert Cossery | A Room in Cairo | Ace | 1959 | A handsome copy with moderately creased spine, rather scuffed back cover, some wear to edges of cover, pre-decimal price pencilled on first letter of title on front cover. | £30

Trudy Culross & Jackie Robb | Leaving Home | New English Library | 1976 | 0450026388 First printing. Some wear to cover & edge, paper tanned with age. | £65

Elizabeth Daly | Death and Letters | Berkley | 1963 | Cover worn, with a 1cm split at the bottom of the fold of the front panel/spine. Strip torn off the top of the ffep. No problem with text pages. | £15

Johnnny Douglas aka Richard Allen | The Last Hi-jack | New English Library | 1970 | spine lightly faded, front cover set a little forward, minor wear to cover & edge | £20

Burgess Drake | Chinese White | Corgi | 1954 | cover creased & worn, lower tip of closing pages creased, edge of pageblock worn | £10

W. E. Burghardt DuBois | The Souls of Black Folk | Crest | 1964 | Second Fawcett printing. Cover worn & marked, with a diagonal crease across the spine, extending into the adjoining edge of the back panel. No problem with text pages. | £30

Ilya Ehrenburg | The Thaw | Mayflower-Dell | 1966 | Reading copy. Paperback with worn cover & edge, & a 5cm split along the fold of the back cover/spine. The binding remains firm, & text pages are unmarked. | £30

Jerry Farber | The Student as Nigger | Pocket Books | 1970 | 0671772384 Third printing. A handsome copy of this book, which is noticeably bowed if the outer edge of the pageblock is viewed in profile. Otherwise in very good condition. | £15

Richard Fariña | Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me | New English Library | 1968 | A handsome copy with lightly faded, lightly creased spine, paper tanned with age. | £30

J. Jefferson Farjeon | Death of a World | Collins | n.d. | A White Circle Pocket Novel. | £20

Nicholas Fisk, Andre Norton, Peter Dickinson, John Christopher, Robert A. Heinlein | Science Fiction: Space Hostages, Catseye, The Weathermonger, The Lotus Caves, Citizen of the Galaxy | Puffin | n.d. | Five SF novels in a striking but rather worn box. The box has the Puffin logo on the spine, & all the books are Puffins except for the Heinlein, which was published under the Peacock imprint. All the books appear to be unread, except for the Heinlein, which has light creasing to the spine. The lettering of the title of The Weathermonger has faded on the book’s spine. The spines of Catseye & The Lotus Eaters are a little worn at their edges, & the back cover of The Lotus Caves, which is positioned at the outer edge of the box, is a little scuffed. Despite these small faults, this remains a handsome set. | £50

A. H. Fitch | The White Camel Rides | C. Arthur Pearson | 1941 | damp mark in lower corner of book through entire pageblock, cover creased & worn, still looks good | £10

Flora Fletcher | Most Likely to Love | Monarch | 1964 | light wear to cover & edge, inked out prices on cover & ffep, artwork still looks good, no problem with text pages | £10

Richard Goyne | Parisian Nights | Federation Press | 1925 | Very fragile paperbound publication, with some quite heavy-handed sellotape reinforcement to the reverse of the covers. Top edge of the ffep has been trimmed off, & an ownership signature & address written across the revealed portion of the page beneath & the ffep itself. | £50

Sam Greenlee | The Spook who Sat by the Door | Pan | 1972 | 0330029606 Cover worn & scuffed, outer edge of page-block worn, paper darkened with age. | £30

Leonard Gribble | The Diamond Web | Milestone | 1953 | Fragile paper cover is creased & worn, with loss around the edges.The outer edge of the page-block is worn & marked. The text pages are browned & foxed, with a mark in the lower margin of p.12 & some calculations inked in the outer margin of p.45. There is a crossed-out price label on the front cover, with a price written in ink above it, & a book exchange stamp on the ffep. | £50

Davis Grubb | One Foot in the Grave | Arrow | 1966 | cover worn, with short splits at the lower edge & the top corner of the spine; Australian price printed on back cover | £50

Angus Hall | Devilday | Sphere | 1969 | Paperback first with moderately creased spine, some wear to edge of cover, lightly creased lower corner of back cover. Inscribed by author on title page. Owner’s name on ffep. | £75

Joan Henry | Yield to the Night | Panther | 1965 | Paperback with striking cover, which still looks impressive despite some general wear, most evident at the edges of the spine. The spine is creased, & there is a short split at the top of the join of the spine/front cover. There is a small portion of paper missing from the outer margin of p.19, which does not intrude upon the printed area of the page – I can’t tell whether this is a production fault or fingernail damage. | £35

Chester Himes | Run Man Run | Panther | 1969 | Second Panther printing with lightly rubbed cover, very lightly creased spine, faint label trace on back cover, light foxing to first & last pages. | £20

Elisabeth Sanxay Holding | Who’s Afraid / Widow’s Mite | Ace | 1953 | Ace Giant Double Novel Book. Some wear to cover. The binding appears solid, but there is a very noticeable bulge at the outer edge of the page-block at the point at which the two novels join. | £50

John Clellon Holmes | The Horn | Ace | 1961 | A handsome copy with some wear to edges of cover. A remainder stripe & a couple of splash marks, which do not extend onto the main area of the pages, can be seen on the top edge of the page block | £20

Sydney Horler | Horror’s Head | Hodder and Stoughton | n.d. | Outer edge of page-block foxed, non-sticky offset marks of tape at end of prelims & reverse of back cover, presumably from a protective wrapper that had been put on the book at some time. | £50

E. W. Hornung | Mr. Justice Raffles | Penguin | 1937 | First Penguin printing. Its jacket is still intact, although rather fragile at the folds of the flaps. There is a little loss to the extremities of the jacket’s spine. There is a long closed tear, pretty much corresponding to the white band on the cover, down the crease of the front flap: three short horizontal closed tears extend from this. There are short closed tears at the extremities of the creases of both flaps. The top edge of the page-block is marked. Previous owner’s name on ffep. Despite the faults noted above, this is a handsome copy which remains pleasant to read & handle. | £100

Hank Janson | The Devil and the Deep | Compact | 1965 | small rough patch on cover where a label has been removed, white background of cover foxed, spine moderately creased, front cover set a little forward | £10

B. B. Johnson | Black is Beautiful | Warner | 1970 | 044692623X | Short horizontal split about three quarters of the way down the edge of the spine. Hamlyn Books rubber stamp at bottom of title page. | £20

Ken Johnson | Zoltan: Hound of Dracula | Everest | 1977 | First printing. Some wear to cover, very light crease to top corner of front panel, top edge of back panel bumped, white background of cover foxed. W. H. Smith price label on cover. First & last pages of text block foxed. | £30

Tony Kenrick | The Only Good Body’s a Dead One | New English Library | 1971 | 450007170 First NEL printing. Old price stamped in upper corner of ffep. | £50

Jack Kerouac, Henry Miller [pref] | The Subterraneans | Avon | 1959 | Avon T-302. Cover art looks fabulous, but somebody has used the book as a writing surface at some time, & the imprint of letters can be seen on the cover if it is tilted to the light. Book is rather slant, with the front cover set forward, first & last pages are rather foxed. Still an impressive looking copy. | £15

Jack Kerouac | The Subterraneans | Panther | 1962 | Film tie-in copy with wear to edges of cover, light crease on title page, a tiny fingernail nick to the outer edge of p.69, paper tanned with age. | £40

Eric Knight AKA Richard Hallas | You Play the Black and the Red Comes Up | Black Lizard | 1986 | 0887390064 Cover & edge worn; front cover set rather forward | £20

Linda Lee | The Life and Tragic Death of Bruce Lee | Star | 1975 | 0352300434 Third printing in original year of publication. Light wear to cover, most evident at corners. Previous owner’s name crossed out by thick black marker pen on first page & reverse of back cover. | £50

Paula Levey | Dancing in London | New English Library | 1981 | 0450052133 First printing. Remainder notch in upper edge, John Menzies price label on cover, light wear to cover & edge, book exchange stamp on reverse of front cover. Text pages in very good condition. | £100

Ted Lewis | Jack Carter’s Law | Allison & Busby | 1993 | 0749001224 Cover is rather worn & scuffed, paper tanned with age, front cover slanted slightly forward. | £30

Marjorie Lloyd | Fell Farm Holiday | Penguin | 1959 | Third Puffin printing in apparently unread condition. Paper is tanned with age, very light crease to first page. | £30

David X. Manners | Memory of a Scream | World | 1958 | First UK printing. Some wear to cover, most evident at edges of spine. | £20

Ngaio Marsh | Death in Ecstasy | Penguin | 1940 | First Penguin printing in jacket. Book itself is in very good condition, with a slight forward slant, & name on ffep. Jacket is a little marked, with some loss to edges. The lower inch of the jacket’s spine appears to have come adrift at some time & has been reattached: the entire length of the spine has been reinforced with tape on the reverse of the jacket. | £100

Richard Matheson | Shock | Corgi | 1962 | Corgi 1st print, spine creased & bumped at edge, 1cm closed tear on outer edge of back cover, general wear to cover & edge, cover design still looks great, text pages unmarked | £12

Pat McGerr | Pick your Victim | Dell | n.d. | Cover worn, but still looks impressive. Bookshop pricestamp at upper corner of first page. | £150

Hank Messick | Syndicate Wife | Belmont Tower | 1973 | Small mark on upper edge of page-block, paper tanned with age. | £25

James Moffatt aka Richard Allen | The Naked Light | New English Library | 1970 | 1st printing with minor wear to cover, small pressure mark on back cover, light creasing to spine, paper darkening with age. | £20

James Moffatt aka Richard Allen | The Twisted Thread | Compact | 1966 | cup ring mark on front cover, rough patch where a label has been removed; spine moderately creased; back cover scuffed; general wear to cover & edge| £10

Michael Moorcock | Count Brass: Count Brass; The Champion of Garathorm; The Quest for Tanelorn | Millennium | 1998 | 9780752817200 Light wear to edge. | £65

Ugo Moretti | A Street in Rome | Ace, New English Library | 1962 | single light crease to spine, lower edge of back cover lightly bumped & creased | £10

Frank Norman | Banana Boy | Corgi | 1970 | cover a little rubbed, outer edge of cover marked, paper darkening with age | £20

Allan Norwood | The Flesh and the Fiends | Corgi | 1960 | Cover worn, 1 – 2 cm splits at extremities of spine, spine heavily creased, front cover set forward. No problem with text pages, & cover design still looks impressive. | £30

Manning O’Brine | Passport to Treason | Corgi | 1956 | Minor wear to cover & edge, front cover set a little forward. | £30

Dillibe Onyeama | Revenge of the Medicine Man | Sphere | 1980 | 0722165455 First printing. Lower corners of cover lightly creased, biro scrawl on ffep, paper tanned with age, upper tips of a couple of pages creased (does not affect text area). | £100

E. Phillips Oppenheim | The Exploits of Pudgy Pete & Co | Hodder and Stoughton | n.d. | Front cover set forward, approx 3 cm split at bottom of fold of front panel/spine, with some loss. | £15

Raymond Queneau; Barbara Wright [tr.] | Zazie | Corgi Transworld | 1966 | Cover worn & chipped at edge of spine, with minor general wear. Paper foxed & tanned with age. Old South African price stamped on top corner of first page. | £20.00

Stephen Ransome / Harry Whittington | I, the Executioner / So Dead my Love | Ace | 1953 | An Ace Double. Covers are rather worn, but still look impressive. Spine is very noticeably slanted. | £30

Alain Robbe-Grillet | Project for a Revolution in New York | Evergreen Black Cat Grove Press | 1972 | 0394177681 Light wear to cover, paper tanned with age, previous owner’s blindstamp impressed on lower corner of first page. | £20

Jack Roffey | Hostile Witness | Arrow | 1968 | 90006402 First printing. Lower corner of front cover creased, faint label trace on cover. | £50

D. Scott-Moncrieff | Not for the Squeamish | Background Books | 1948 | Worn reading copy.Slender book is rather bowed. Paper cover is creased & worn, with a little loss to edges. Outer edge of page-block is worn & foxed. Pen scribble on half-title page. No problem with text pages. | £50

Samuel Selvon | The Lonely Ones | Digit | 1956 | First paperback edition of The Lonely Londoners. Cover is heavily creased, with the price scribbled out. First two pages of book more lightly creased, Book exchange stamps & ownership signature on ffep. Very outer edge of pp.47-52 creased, with a couple of tiny closed tears. | £100

Kate Seredy | The Good Master | Penguin | 1959 | First Puffin printing in apparently unread condition. Spine is lightly faded, a few small scuff marks to back cover, paper tanned with age. | £30

Bernard Shaw | The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism, Capitalism, Sovietism & Fascism (2-volume set) | Pelican | 1937 | First Pelican print in jackets. The outer tips of a couple of pages in volume 2 have become folded over. | £50

Georges Simenon | The First Simenon Omnibus: The Neighbours; Maigret and the Nahour Case; Monsieur Monde Vanishes | Penguin | 1975 | 0140031847 Cover scuffed. Review slip loosely inserted. | £30

Georges Simenon | The Second Simenon Omnibus: The Accomplices; Maigret’s Pickpocket; The Patience of Maigret | Penguin | 1975 | 0140031855 Cover scuffed. | £30

Georges Simenon | The Fifth Simenon Omnibus: Big Bob; Maigret’s Childhood Friend; November | Penguin | 1975 | 0140034323 Tiny split at very top of fold of spine/front cover. Review slip loosely inserted. | £25

Georges Simenon | The Sixth Simenon Omnibus: Maigret and the Wine Merchant; The Prison; The Rich Man | Penguin | 0140035427 Some wear to cover & edge, no problem with text pages. | £30

Georges Simenon | The Ninth Simenon Omnibus: Maigret and Monsieur Charles; The Disappearance of Odile; The Cat | Penguin | 1976 | 0140039805 Light wear to cover, most evident at corners. Review slip loosely inserted. | £30

Georges Simenon | The Tenth Simenon Omnibus: Maigret and the Madwoman; The Glass Cage; The Man on the Bench in the Barn | Penguin | 1976 | 0140036687 Cover scuffed. Review slip loosely inserted. | £30

Georges Simenon | Girl in Waiting | Pan | 1957 | First paperback printing. Minor wear to cover & edge, paper tanned with age. | £25

Georges Simenon | Pedigree | Penguin | 1965 | First Penguin printing. Light wear to cover, paper creased with age. | £20

Guy N. Smith | Killer Crabs | New English Library | 1978 | 0450038173 NEL 1st edition of May 1978. Cover rather worn, with pressure marks on the front panel. Paper tanned with age. Bookshop stamp on first page. | £50

Susy Smith | Today’s Witches | Award | 1970 | light wear to cover, most evident on spine, light wear to outer edge | £25

Mason Southern | Juicy Lucy | Midwood | 1969 | Midwood M-125-19 The Collectors Classic Series. An apparently unread copy, with light wear to the cover, paper tanned with age. Stamp of BP SINGER FEATURES & an inked reference number on ffep. | £100

Geoffrey Spalding | Escorts | New English Library | 1973 | 0450014517 First printing. A reading copy, with a couple of horizontal creases across the spine, which continue onto the main area of the cover. There is a short split where the heavier of the two creases extends onto the back panel. The paper has become tanned with age. | £50

William (‘Bill’) Tanner | The Book of Bond | Pan | 1966 | DAMAGED COPY. Page 13 (on Whiskey and Whisky) seems to have been deliberately torn out of the book at some time, & then loosely reinserted. The cover & edge are worn, & there is a damp stain on the upper edge of the page-block. This is a very rough reading copy of a hard to obtain book. | £15

Walter Tevis; David Fickling | The Man who Fell to Earth | Oxford | 1979 | Edition designed for English learners, with modified text. Fabulous cover art. Monochrome film stills on reverse of front & back covers. Front cover is scuffed at edge of spine; there is an unsightly label mark on the back cover. | £30

Lawrence Treat | Lady Drop Dead | Consul | 1963 | First Consul printing. Blue paint/ink marks on front cover & reverse of front cover. Edges of spine worn. Light crease at lower corner of back cover. No problem with text pages. | £50

Alexander Trocchi | Helen and Desire | Brandon House | 1967 | cover moderately scuffed, spine lightly faded, text block in very good condition | £20

Arthur Upfield | The Sands of Windee | Mayflower-Dell | 1965 | Front cover set forward, edges of spine worn, with a short closed tear at the bottom of the fold of the front cover/spine. Name on reverse of cover. | £15

Henri Vernes | The Yellow Shadow | Corgi | 1966 | First British publication. Cover worn & scuffed, spine creased. Name written in biro on front cover, Biro mark on ffep. Front cover set a little forward. No problem with text pages. | £100

John Wainwright | Freeze thy Blood less Coldly | Mayflower | 1972 | 58311993X Cover worn, spine creased, offset writing on back cover. Name on reverse of front cover. | £15

William Ward | Jeff Clayton’s Red Mystery or the Nihilist Conspiracy | Arthur Westbrook | cover & edge worn, paper discoloured & foxed, one page corner folded over | £25

James Weir | The Marriage Trap | New English Library | 1974 | 0450017389 A good looking copy, with minor external wear, front cover set slightly forward. | £20

T. H. White | The Master | Peacock, Penguin | 1964 | Front cover set a little forward, very light reading crease at inner edge of cover, name in top margin of title page, still a good-looking copy. | £15

Charles Willeford | Cockfighter | Vintage, Black Lizard | 1991 | 9780679734710 Name on ffep. Some wear to cover & edge. US price blacked out on back cover. | £15

W. Franklin Sanders (Charles Willeford) | Whip Hand | Gold Medal, Fawcett | 1961 | First printing. Handsome copy with front cover set a little forward, minor wear to corners, top corner of back cover lightly creased. | £60

Dana Wilson | Scenario for Murder | Foulsham | 1950 | cover rather worn, still looks good | £30

Robert Anton Wilson | Schrodinger’s Cat: The Universe Next Door | Pocket | 1979 | good looking copy with smooth spine, light general wear to cover & edge, light foxing | £25

Monique Wittig and Sande Zeig | Lesbian Peoples | Virago | 1980 | 860681742 Minor wear to cover, paper tanned with age, top edge of page-block foxed. | £42.50