“Khat Warning”



p. 40

Islington leaflet

ACMD Khat: a review of its potential harms to the individual and communities in the UK, 2013


p. 41

‘magic mushrooms (over 200 varieties of hallucinogenic mushrooms), and qat (khat, mira) are banned in coffee shops.’ July 2015

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Spellar question

transcript of debate in House of Lords on 12/05/2014


p. 42

Home Office Khat Factsheet for England and Wales 30/05/2014


p. 43

Neil Carriere quote

Independent article, 20/06/14

Akubar Awale’s article, source of quote

refers to ‘Check before you chew’


p. 44

Sheffield leaflet

khat and cannabis warnings

khat seizure statistics: Metropolitan Police, Avon and Somerset Police, West Yorkshire Police


p. 45

National Policing Guidelines on KHAT possession for personal use intervention framework

‘Kenya funds lawsuit’


p. 46

House of Commons Home Affairs Committee Khat report, 26/11/13

Annisa Omar’s article one year after introduction ban

Amina Adan’s article June 2015


p. 47

Awale (see above)


p. 48

lack of support for khat users after ban: BBC report, ITV report

Guardian article on Meru county

Klein, Metaal & Jelsma (see above)


p. 49

Bristol khat seizure September 2015

update on khat trade 30/09/2014



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‘espresso cut with a gin and tonic’ Independent (see above)

‘Bitterness’ on The Food Programme, 04/10/15

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