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Frater Achad aka Charles Stansfeld Jones: I. N. R. I. Sure Fire Press 1989. Splash mark on unlaminated cover, light wear to cover & edge, no problem with text pages. £18.00

Frater Achad aka Charles Stansfeld Jones: Liber 31. Level Press 1974. Some wear to cover & edge, top edge of page block darkened & foxed, no problem with text pages. £100.00

Michael Berg: Secrets of the Zohar. Kabbalah Publishing 2008. Hardback in jacket. Second edition. £50.00

Rav Berg: The Energy of Hebrew Letters Kabbalah Centre International 2010. Light wear to cover & edge. £40.00

J. F. C. Fuller: The Star in the West. Neptune Press 1976, number 242 of an edition of 500. Some wear to cover, lower edge dustmarked. £75.00


A. S. Geden: Mithraic Sources in English. Cthonios 1990. Hardback, no jacket. £50.00.

Khalilullah Khalili: Quatrains of Khalilullah Khalili Octagon 1981 hardback in jacket, ready to post in UK £15.00

T. C. Lai: Pa Ta Shan Jen : Chinese Monk-Painter Swindon Book Company 1987 SECOND (REVISED) EDITION—very good paperback, ready to post in UK £100.00


Lu K’uan Yü aka Charles Luk: Practical Buddhism. Theosophical Publishing House 1971. Hardback in rather worn jacket. NB: THIS BOOK HAS A NOTICEABLE SCENT OF TOBACCO SMOKE! £50.00

[Paul Marteau:] Ancient Tarot of Marseilles. Grimaud, nd. 78 cards & booklet, no box. Booklet is well worn, with pen notes on the back cover, trumps are worn & scuffed, their outer edges darkened by shuffling; courts & pips appear unused. Cards have a lingering scent of perfume. Characteristics of this deck: undated Grimaud copyright on all trumps except the Tower, Moon & Sun; undated Grimaud copyright on all court cards; no copyright on the pips. Titles in French only. The cards have a white background; there are two yellow dice on the Magician’s table; no tax stamp on the Ace of Coins; 1748 / B. P. GRIMAUD / 1930 is printed on the 2 of Coins; a tulip is shown in the centre of the 4 of Coins. Cards are approx. 12.5 x 6.5 cm: total thickness of deck is approx. 4 cm. Booklet is in English, with Grimaud printed on the front cover, John Waddington on the back. To the best of my knowledge, Grimaud published cards matching this description between 1940 & 1963: the English language booklet suggests that this deck was issued for export somewhen after the repeal of the Witchcraft Act in 1951. £50.00

T.S. Maxwell: The Gods of Asia; Image, Text and Meaning. Oxford, 1998. 0195647335. Paperback. Reprint. Fair. Scarce. Cover is worn and discoloured, grubby on spine. Lamination is starting to peel at corners and along top edge of back cover. Fep very foxed. Most of text pages unaffected BUT there is a grubby mark in the lower margin of pl. 66 and the last plate is badly foxed. Text is clean and unmarked. Ready to post in UK. £65.00

M. P. Pandit: Demands of Sadhana : Talks Based Upon the Mother’s Questions and Answers. Dipti. Paperback. £50.00

Natsume Soseki: Zen Haiku. Weatherhill 1994. Unlaminated cover is rather worn & marked. £35.00

Satyanand Paramahamsa: Four Chapters on Freedom. Bihar School of Yoga 1979. Card bound book in fragile wrapper. No problem with text pages. £50.00

R. H. Stevenson [tr].: Amiran-Darejaniani : a cycle of medieval Georgian tales traditionally acribed to Mose Khoneli. Oxford, Clarendon Press 1958. Hardback in dustjacket. Reading copy only. This book has been kept in damp conditions at some time, leaving the jacket in tatty and stained condition, and the book cover discoloured, with a little transfer from the jacket. The book is also rather bowed, with blotchy foxing on the edge and endpapers. Apart from some wear to the outer edge, there is no problem with the text pages.  £20.00

Sefton B. Temkin: Isaac Mayer Wise; Shaping American Judaism. The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization/OUP, 1992. 0197100597. Hardback/dj. Very good/good. Dj slightly worn along top edge, tiny scuff on back. Ready to post in UK. £14.00

Peter Lamborn Wilson aka Hakim Bey: Sacred Drift. City Lights 1993. Minor wear to cover & edge. £50.00

Peter Lamborn Wilson aka Hakim Bey: Shower of Stars. Autonomedia 1996. Light wear to cover & edge. £50.00

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