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David F. Aberle, Harvey C. Moore, Denis F. Johnston | The Peyote Religion among the Navaho | Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research Incorporated | 1966 | Subscribers’ edition in rather discoloured card wrappers, creased at lower corner of front cover, some foxing & wear to edge, no problem with text pages. | £15.00

Frater Achad aka Charles Stansfeld Jones | I. N. R. I. | Sure Fire Press | 1989 | Splash mark on unlaminated cover, light wear to cover & edge, no problem with text pages. | £18.00

Frater Achad aka Charles Stansfeld Jones | Liber 31 | Level Press | 1974 | Some wear to cover & edge, top edge of page block darkened & foxed, no problem with text pages. | £100.00

Ajati | Garland of Advaitic Wisdom | Sage Press | 2002 | Hardback in jacket. Inscribed by author. A couple of marks on ffep, outer edge of pageblock marked. | £100.00

Toni Arthur | All the Year Round | Puffin | 1982 | Paperback reprint inscribed by the author on the ffep. A postcard, also inscribed by the author, is loosely tipped into the book. | £30.00

Richard Bandler | Using your Brain for a Change | Real People Press | – | 3rd printing, cover still looks striking, tiny pressure mark on cover, reading creases around spine, light crease on spine, front cover set a little forward, outer edge marked, no problem with text pages | £20.00

Michael Berg | Secrets of the Zohar | Kabbalah Publishing | 2008 | Hardback in jacket. Second edition. | £50.00

Rav Berg | The Energy of Hebrew Letters | Kabbalah Centre International | 2010 | Light wear to cover & edge. | £40.00

John Blofeld | The Way of Power | George Allen & Unwin | 1970 | First edition in unclipped dusjacket. Some foxing to edge & endpapers. | £30.00

Jacob Bohme [Jacob Boehme], John Rolleston Earle [tr.] | De Electione Gratiae and Quaestiones Theosophicae [On the Election of Grace, etc.] | Constable | 1930 | Very good hardback, light wear to boards. | £75.00

Edmund Carpenter | Oh What a Blow That Phantom Gave Me! | Paladin | 1976 | the book is slant, with front cover set noticeably forward; the binding is potentially fragile, although it is still intact at the time of listing; cover still looks good & there are no problems with the text pages | £20.00

William Caxton, F. S. Ellis [ed.] | The Golden Legend Volume Four | Dent | 1900 | Temple Classics pocket edition in blue binding, gilt design on spine still bright, fingernail tear in outer margin of title page, names on ffep | £10.00

William Caxton, F. S. Ellis [ed.] | The Golden Legend Volume Seven | Dent | 1900 | Temple Classics pocket edition in blue binding, gilt design on spine still bright, name on ffep | £10.00

Paul Claudel; Henri de Lubac, S. J. [intr.] | I Believe in God: A Commentary on the Apostles’ Creed | Harvill | 1965 | Some loss to upper edge of jacket around the spine, closed tear at upper fold of spine/back cover; pale jacket rather worn & marked. Name of ffep. Some pencil marking. | £15.00

Thomas Cleary | Secrets of the Blue Cliff Record | Shambhala | 2000 | Hardback in jacket, spine of jacket sunned, edges a little discoloured | £25.00

Thomas Cleary | Timeless Spring | Weatherhill | – | top corner lightly bumped; thin pen mark on outer edge of pageblock; paper tanned & foxed at edge | £15.00

Padmasiri De Silva | An Introduction to Buddhist Psychology | 1979 | hardback in jacket, small pencil mark in the margin of one page (there may be others which I haven’t found, but certainly nothing conspicuous or distracting) | £25.00

Elizabeth Dawes & Norman H. Baynes | Three Byzantine Saints | Mowbrays | 1977 | Name on ffep, minor wear to cover & edge. | £10.00

Gillian Edwards | Hobgoblin and Sweet Puck | Geoffrey Bles | 1974 | hardback in unclipped jacket | £17.50

C. Stephen Evans | The Historical Christ and the Jesus of Faith | Oxford | spine creased, general wear to cover & edge, pressure marks on back cover, no problem with text pages | £14.00

Rene Gallant | Bombarded Earth | John Baker | 1964 | spine creased, minor wear to cover & edge, no problem with text pages & plates | £10.00


A. S. Geden | Mithraic Sources in English | Cthonios | 1990 | Hardback, no jacket. | £50.00.

Lama Anagarika Govinda | The Psychological Attitude of Early Buddhist Philosophy | Rider | 1961 | first edition in price clipped jacket | £40.00

Rosemary Harris | A Wicked Pack of Cards | Walker | 1969 | inscribed by author on ffep, pale cover is worn & marked, with some loss to top edge, but still looks impressive | £12.50

Steven Heine, Dale S. Wright | The Zen Canon | Oxford | spine faded, minor wear to cover & edge, lower edge dustmarked | £20.00

Steven Heine, Dale S. Wright | Zen Classics | Oxford | edge rather dusty & worn | £15.00

Carolyn Hillyer | A Circle of Thirteen: Myths & Stories of Women’s Ancient Wisdoms | Seventh Wave Music | 1997 | spiral bound publication with minor wear to cover & edge, most evident at corners of cover | £50.00

Zen Master Keizan Jokin | The Denkoroku | Shasta Abbey Press | – | light wear to cover & edge, a couple of creased page corners | £20.00

T. C. Lai | Pa Ta Shan Jen : Chinese Monk-Painter | Swindon Book Company | 1987 SECOND (REVISED) EDITION—very good paperback, ready to post in UK | £100.00

Gen Lamrimpa | Samatha Meditation | Snow Lion | minor general wear, small mark on rear endpaper | £17.00

Charles G. Leland, Mario & Dina Pazzaglini, Chas. S. Clifton, Robert Mathiesen, Robert E. Chartowich, Stewart Farrar [intr.] | Aradia or the Gospel of the Witches | Phoenix | 1998 | This is the 1998 expanded edition of Aradia, including both Leland’s original translation & a corrected translation by Mario Pazzaglini, along with additional material. There is minor wear to the cover & edge of the book, & the lower edge has picked up some marks. | £65.00

T. C. Lethbridge | Gogmagog: The Buried Gods | Routledge | 1975 | Hardback in unclipped jacket. 1975 Routledge edition, not the book club reprint which sometimes turns up. Initials on ffep, small academic bookshop sticker on back cover. Front cover set slightly forward. | £45.00

H. Spencer Lewis | Self Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life | Amorc | 1968 | reprint in dustjacket | £15.00

Michael Eido Luetchford | Between Heaven and Earth | Windbell | edge lightly worn & marked | £20.00


Lu K’uan Yü aka Charles Luk | Practical Buddhism | Theosophical Publishing House | 1971 | Hardback in rather worn jacket. NB: THIS BOOK HAS A NOTICEABLE SCENT OF TOBACCO SMOKE! | £50.00

Josef Machynka | Ibis-Tarot | German edition – mint deck with lwb in cardboard tuckbox – titles & lwb are in German only | £250.00

[Paul Marteau] | Ancient Tarot of Marseilles | Grimaud | nd | 78 cards & booklet, no box. Booklet is well worn, with pen notes on the back cover, trumps are worn & scuffed, their outer edges darkened by shuffling; courts & pips appear unused. Cards have a lingering scent of perfume. Characteristics of this deck: undated Grimaud copyright on all trumps except the Tower, Moon & Sun; undated Grimaud copyright on all court cards; no copyright on the pips. Titles in French only. The cards have a white background; there are two yellow dice on the Magician’s table; no tax stamp on the Ace of Coins; 1748 / B. P. GRIMAUD / 1930 is printed on the 2 of Coins; a tulip is shown in the centre of the 4 of Coins. Cards are approx. 12.5 x 6.5 cm: total thickness of deck is approx. 4 cm. Booklet is in English, with Grimaud printed on the front cover, John Waddington on the back. To the best of my knowledge, Grimaud published cards matching this description between 1940 & 1963: the English language booklet suggests that this deck was issued for export somewhen after the repeal of the Witchcraft Act in 1951. | £50.00

Caitlin Matthews | The Celtic Book of the Dead | Connections | 1999 | Hardback book with pictorial cover, minor wear to cover most evident at edge | £40.00

John Matthews | The Celtic Oracle: Exploring the Inner Worlds | unused deck & book in box | £50.00

T.S. Maxwell | The Gods of Asia; Image, Text and Meaning. | Oxford | 1998 | 0195647335. Paperback. Reprint. Fair. Scarce. Cover is worn and discoloured, grubby on spine. Lamination is starting to peel at corners and along top edge of back cover. Fep very foxed. Most of text pages unaffected BUT there is a grubby mark in the lower margin of pl. 66 and the last plate is badly foxed. Text is clean and unmarked. Ready to post in UK. | £65.00

G. R. S. Mead | Echoes from the Gnosis Vol. VI A Mithriac Ritual | Theosophical Publishing Company | 1907 | Edge & opening & closing pages foxed, title faded from spine, small pressure mark on title page. Ownership signature & stamp of the White Eagle Lodge on ffep. Old, non-sticky, tape traces on reverse of front & back covers. I acquired this book in an engagingly home-made jacket, which I am leaving in place. | £20.00

John Michell | New Light on the Ancient Mystery of Glastonbury | Gothic Image | 1990 | 9780906362143 No. 430 of a signed limited edition of 999 copies. Illustrated boards. Some wear to cover. Outer edge of back cover is sunned, as is the very outer edge of the front cover. First signs of foxing on outer edge of pageblock. Endpapers are lightly tanned, & there is a light rusty mark on the outer edge of the front endpaper. Still a handsome copy, but evidently secondhand. | £50.00

Lawrence Millman | Wolverine Creates the World | Capra | – | Cover & edge rather worn, one page corner folded over, pencil traces of some other bookdealer’s price on ffep | £15.00

Michael Murphy | The Future of the Body | Tarcher Putnam | outer edge foxed, lower edge rather dustmarked | £15.00

James H. Neal | Ju-ju in my Life | George G. Harrap | 1966 | Rough reading copy – ex-library, with usual markings, cover worn, dustjacket stuck down over cover, edge dusty, a couple of page corners folded over – a cheap copy of an interesting book | £10.00

Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche | Present Fresh Wakefulness | Rangjung Yeshe | some wear to cover & edge | £50.00

Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney | The Monkey as Mirror: Symbolic Transformations in Japanese History and Ritual | 1987 | hardback in jacket – jacket is rather worn, with a few closed tears on the top edge, including a long one down the fold of the front flap, no problem with main body of book | £10.00

Ophiel | The Art and Practice of Creative Visualization | Weiser | 1997 | edge marked, cover rather worn, no problem with text pages or plates | £70.00

Roy Porter, Helen Nicholson & Bridget Bennett [eds]; Susan Willis Fletcher | Women, Madness and Spiritualism Volume II: Twelve Months in an English Prison | Routledge | 2004 |9780415276351 | Volume II of “Women, Madness and Spiritualism”, this consists of a reprint of Susan Willis Fletcher’s “Twelve Months in an English Prison” with a new introduction by Bridget Bennett. No jacket, top edge of pageblock dust-marked. | £100.00

Geshe Rabten | Echoes of Voidness | Wisdom | 1986 | outer edge of page block lightly marked, very good in all other respects | £35.00

Pabongka Rinpoche | Liberation in our Hands Part One: The Preliminaries | Mahayana Sutra and Tantra Press | cover rather worn & scuffed, top edge foxed,a couple of page corners lightly creased | £30.00

Pabongka Rinpoche | Liberation in our Hands | Mahayana Sutra and Tantra Press | light external wear | £30.00

M. P. Pandit | Demands of Sadhana : Talks Based Upon the Mother’s Questions and Answers | Dipti | Paperback. | £50.00

Satyanand Paramahamsa | Four Chapters on Freedom | Bihar School of Yoga | 1979 | Card bound book in fragile wrapper. No problem with text pages | £50.00

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh | In Search of the Miraculous: vol. 1 | 1984 | Rather worn paperback, with creases at lower corners of cover, a few page corners creased. Sticker explaining Rajneesh’s name change to Osho on first page. | £25.00

Red Pine | The Platform Sutra | Shoemaker & Hoard | 2006 | hardback in unclipped jacket with very slightly faded spine | £40.00

H. Stanley Redgrove | Alchemy Ancient and Modern | Ulwencreutz Media | – | hardback in jacket | £15.00

Edward H. Schafer | Mirages on the Sea of Time: Taoist Poetry of Ts’ao T’ang | 1992 | Hardback in jacket, edge of page block foxed | £50.00

Idries Shah | The Book of the Book | Octagon | 1970 | hardback in unclipped jacket, top edge & endpapers foxed | £12.00

Penelope Shuttle & Peter Redgrove | The Wise Wound | Gollancz | 1979 | Third impression in unclipped dustjacket. There are traces of a circular price label on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, & an old secondhand price label on the front flap. Light wear to the edges of the cover, some foxing of the outer edge | £30.00

Mervyn Sprung | Lucid Exposition of the Middle Way | RKP | ex library copy in dustjacket with inevitable markings & label traces | £25.00

Rudolf Steiner | Soul Economy and Waldorf Education | 1986 | hardback with design & lettering on front board, no jacket, light wear to cover, page block in very good condition | £45.00

R. H. Stevenson [tr]. | Amiran-Darejaniani : a cycle of medieval Georgian tales traditionally acribed to Mose Khoneli. | Oxford, Clarendon Press | 1958 | Hardback in dustjacket. Reading copy only. This book has been kept in damp conditions at some time, leaving the jacket in tatty and stained condition, and the book cover discoloured, with a little transfer from the jacket. The book is also rather bowed, with blotchy foxing on the edge and endpapers. Apart from some wear to the outer edge, there is no problem with the text pages. | £20.00

R. J. Stewart | Living Magical Arts | Blandford Press | 1987 | No jacket, paper tanned. | £50.00

Tarot of Transition | U S Games Systems | 1991 | minor wear to box, very light wear to little white book, cards in lovely condition | £45.00

Sefton B. Temkin | Isaac Mayer Wise; Shaping American Judaism | The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization/OUP | 1992| 0197100597. Hardback/dj. Very good/good. Dj slightly worn along top edge, tiny scuff on back. Ready to post in UK. | £14.00

Swami Rama Tirtha, A.J. Alston | Yoga and the Supreme Bliss | Alston | 1982 | top corner bumped, edge of pageblock & endpapers foxed; cover worn, with a small paint mark on the back cover; text pages unmarked | £35.00

Nawang Tsering | Buddhism in Ladakh | Sterling | 1979 | hardback with worn cover, creased rear endpaper, offset from front endpaper on blank first page of book, no problem with text pages | £25.00

Edward Ullendorff & C. F. Beckingham | The Hebrew Letters of Prester John | 1981 | hardback in jacket, spine of jacket is lightly faded, top edge of pageblock foxed | £50.00

Robert Wang | The Jungian Tarot | Muller | 1991 | plastic video-type box, paperback book, deck of 78 cards plus 2 cards promoting other A G Muller publications – book & all cards in lovely condition, some wear to box, including cracked inner hinge | £60.00

Roy A. Wells | Freemasonry in London from 1785 | A. Lewis | 1984 | hardback in jacket with sunned spine & edge, gift inscription on ffep | £25.00

Ken Wilber | The 1-2-3 of God | 2007 | 4 cd set in cardboard folder inside slipcase. Slipcase is a little worn, with a label trace on the back. CDs are in excellent condition. | £30.00

Paul V. A. Williams | Primitive Religion and Healing | D. S.Brewer | 1979 | hardback in unclipped jacket, back cover of jacket is very lightly crinkled, gift inscription on ffep | £14.00

Polly Young-Eisendrath and Shoji Muramoto | Awakening and Insight | white cover rather worn & marked, some wear to edge, gift inscription on ffep | £15.00

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