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Brian Aldiss | Frankenstein Unbound | Centipede Press | 2016 | 9781613471739 Numbered limited edition signed by Aldiss, Michael Moorcock, and Thomas Walker. | £90.00 Also an ex-shop display copy, with some external wear. | £75.00

Hans Carl Artmann | Under the Cover of a Hat & Green-Sealed Message | Quartet Books | 1986 | Hardback in jacket, price neatly inked out on front flap. | £50.00

Margaret Atwood | Interlunar | Jonathan Cape | 1988 | proof copy, light mark on outer edge, lower corner a little bowed | £20.00

Paul Auster | Mr Vertigo | Faber | 1994 | 1st in unclipped jacket, paper already tanned with age, front cover set v slightly forward, minor wear to edges of jacket | £20.00

Paul Auster | The New York Trilogy | Faber | 1987 | UK 1st in unclipped jacket, paper already tanned with age, spine lightly faded | £30.00

Clive Barker | The Damnation Game | The Leisure Circle | 1985 | Club edition in jacket. Paper of book has become tanned. Pale areas of jacket are becoming discoloured, including a largish patch in a blank area of the upper corner of the back cover. | £15.00

Stefano Benni, Jim Ferguson, Gordon Legge, Duncan McLean, James Meek, Sandy Watson | Zoomers | Clocktower Press | 1991 | Stapled pamphlet. | £15.00

John Berger | Pig Earth | Writers and Readers | 1979 | 0906495059 First edition. A couple of long pressure marks on front brown cloth board, visible on dj but no tearing. Gift inscription on fep. Pages slightly foxed. Dj has slight wear to top and bottom edges, pressure marks on front as noted and one on back. | £35.00


Robert Bloch | Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper | PROOF COPY | Subterranean Press | 2011 | £20.00

Richard Brautigan | In Watermelon Sugar | Jonathan Cape | 1970 | 0224618504 Proof copy. Unclipped dust jacket over card covers. Blurb on square of white paper pasted to front cover of book. Jacket is taller than cover underneath, & worn at edges with some loss around spine. Front cover of jacket is creased, & there is a fainter crease on card cover underneath & opening pages of proof. Back flap of jacket is marked PROOF ONLY & has a provisional publication date printed on it. A different publication date is rubber stamped on the flap. A significant copy of this beloved book. | £50.00

Anthony Burgess | Beard’s Roman Women | Hutchinson | 1977 | spine of unclipped jacket is a little sunned, there are a couple of closed tears & some creasing to the upper edge of the back cover, & the back flap is creased; the outer edge of the pageblock is foxed -First edition 091284007 | £10.00

William Burroughs | Electronic Revolution / Die Elektronische Revolution | Expanded Media Editions | 1986 | 4th edition. Small format paperback with English & German texts printed back to back. Edge foxed, cover rather worn. | £30.00

William S. Burroughs | Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse | 1999 | original text & German translation printed back to back; light wear to cover & edge | £25.00

William S. Burroughs, Eric Mottram, Jim Pennington | Snack: Two Tape Transcripts | Aloes | 1975 | stapled pamphlet, some foxing to unlaminated card cover, I have noticed one instance of pencil underlining in the text | £30.00

William Burroughs | The Soft Machine | Calder and Boyars | 1968 | UK 1st in very good unclipped jacket, edge & endpapers foxed | £60.00

William S. Burroughs | The Western Lands | Picador | 1988 | 9780330298056 first Picador edition in unclipped jacket, light crease at edge of back flap, paper tanned with age | £15.00

William Burroughs | White Subway | Aloes | n.d. | spine & edge of cover a little sunned, lower corner slightly bumped | £25.00

Samuel Butler [published anonymously] | Erewhon, or Over the Range | Trübner & Co | 1872 | Third edition. A handsome copy, with minor external wear, & a little scrape to the rear pastedown. A later prospectus for the Cape edition of Butler’s works is loosely inserted. | £75.00

Louis-Ferdinand Celine | Castle to Castle | Anthony Blond | 1969 | 021851493X | first British edition in unclipped jacket, edge of pageblock foxed | £50.00

Robin Cook, writing as Derek Raymond | Dead Man Upright | Little, Brown | 1993 | Proof copy | £50.00

Robin Cook, writing as Derek Raymond | He Died with His Eyes Open | Alison Press | 1984 | 1st edition hardback in unclipped jacket – the book still looks good, but there are faint label traces on the front cover, & the outer edge of the front flap is creased, with a closed tear down about the first quarter of the crease; the paper is inevitably tanned with age & foxed on the upper edge | £200.00

Julio Cortazar | We Love Glenda So Much and Other Tales | Harvill | 1984 | 0002719053 Hardback in clipped jacket. Paper tanned with age, a little foxing on edge. Overall, a good looking copy.| £30.00

D. A. F. de Sade | The Bedroom Philosophers | Olympia Press | 1965 | minor wear to cover & edge, front cover set a little forward | £15.00

D. A. F. de Sade | Justine or Good Conduct Well Chastised | Olympia Press | 1963 | light wear to cover; edge & white panel of spine foxed; what I assume to be a later price in francs is pencilled on the back cover | £25.00


Marguerite Duras | The Little Horses of Tarquinia | Calder | 1960 | Good UK 1st in unclipped jacket | £40.00

Marguerite Duras | Suzanna Andler | John Calder | 1975 | Noticeable crease on spine but binding remains firm. Slight wear to cover, paper tanned. Text clean and unmarked. Contains Suzanna Andler, La Musica & L’Amante Anglaise. | £25.00

Francis Durbridge | The Case of the Twisted Scarf | Dodd, Mead | 1961 | U.S. 1st edition in jacket. The front cover design of the jacket looks very impressive indeed, but the spine is rather worn with light blotchy marking, & the front flap is priceclipped. The binding underneath is bright, with a little wear at the edges. Overall, a handsome copy. | £75.00

Eca de Queiros | The Sin of Father Amaro | Carcanet | pictorial boards, no jacket, a little wear to edge of pageblock & front endpaper, spine very very lightly sunned | £15.00

Hal Ellson | Reefer Boy | Neville Spearman | 1955 | 1st edition. Hardback in jacket. Front cover looks great, plain back cover has been exposed to damp at some time, & is noticeably crinkled, although there is no problem with the book’s cover beneath it. | £50.00

Ron Goulart | The Hardboiled Dicks | Boardman | 1967 | hardback in unclipped jacket; white jacket is lightly marked, most evidently at top corner of front cover/spine; outer edge of pageblock is foxed | £20.00

Knut Hamsun | Mothwise | Gyldendal | n.d. | some wear to cover, most evident on spine, name on ffep, light offset from illustrations in book | £30.00

Chester Himes | Pinktoes | Olympia Press | 1961 | cover worn & intermittently faded, spine creased, some wear to edge, original price of 15 N. F. printed on back cover | £30.00

Herbert Huncke | The Herbert Huncke Reader| 1997 | hardback in jacket, minor wear to cover & edge, ready to post in UK | £50.00

Aldous Huxley | Along the Road | Chatto & Windus | 1925 | First edition in jacket, extra spine label at back of book. A. J. A. Symons’s bookplate on ffep. Pale jacket marked, stained at lower corners. | £40.00

Aldous Huxley | Point Counter Point | Chatto & Windus | 1928 | First edition in unclipped jacket. Jacket is worn at edges, with a little loss, & has been reinforced with clear tape, which has darkened over time, at the top of the spine & at the top of the fold of the back cover/back flap. Although the tape has been applied to the reverse of the cover, it is clearly visible as a dark shadow on the front. The upper edge of the cover is a little sunned, the outer edge of the pageblock is foxed. | £100.00

Aldous Huxley | Proper Studies | Chatto & Windus | 1927 | First edition in unclipped jacket. Diagonal closed tear at very top of front cover. Short tear backed with tape at bottom of fold of front cover/spine. Some loss to jacket at extremities of spine. | £50.00

Aldous Huxley | Those Barren Leaves | Chatto & Windus | 1925 | First edition in jacket, extra spine label at back of book. Edge of pageblock foxed. Pale jacket is worn & marked, with a crumpled tear at the bottom of the fold of back cover/back flap. | £50.00

Jack Kerouac | Desolation Angels | Andre Deutsch | 1966 | UK 1st edition, no jacket, cover worn, outer edge foxed. | £50.00

Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg [reader] | Mexico City Blues (242 Choruses) | Shambhala | 1996 | Kerouac’s text read by Ginsberg. Two cassettes in rather worn slipcase. Tapes appear to be in mint condition, but have not been tested by me. | £20.00

Jack Kerouac | San Francisco Blues | Pacific Red Car | 1991 | light wear to cover & edge | £30.00

James T. Jones | A Map of Mexico City Blues | Southern Illinois | hardback in jacket | £25.00

Gerald Nicosia | Memory Babe | Grove Press | 1983 | first printing in unclipped jacket; some wear to edges of jacket, most evident at the extremities of the spine; top edge of pageblock foxed | £20.00

Ursula le Guin | City of Illusions | Victor Gollancz | 1971 | UK 1st edition in unclipped jacket. Ex-library copy with expected marks & signs of use, front cover set forward. Dust jacket is in lovely condition except for offset marks from the tape used to secure its protective cover. | £50.00

Pierre Louys, M. S. Goneid [tr.] | Aphrodite | No imprint | 1948 | Pale card cover is worn & marked, with a long split down the lower quarter of the crease of the back cover/spine. Name on ffep, little portion, corresponding to the edge of a thumbnail, missing from top margin of ffep. | £20.00

Wolf Mankowitz | Laugh Till You Cry | Dutton | 1955 | First edition in unclipped jacket; a handsome copy | £15.00

Richard Matheson | What Dreams May Come | 1979 | UK 1st. Hardback in unclipped jacket, name on ffep. | £60.00

Eimear McBride | A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing | Galley Beggar Press | 2013 | Printed by Clays, so presumably a second impression. Adam Mars-Jones quote on sticker on front cover. Cover lightly scuffed. | £20.00

Richard McBride | Memoirs of a Natural-Born Expatriate | Alan Swallow | 1966 | paperback with some wear to cover & edge | £30.00

James Meek, Duncan McLean | Safe / Lurch | Clocktower Press | 1990 | Stapled pamphlet, bumped at top of spine. | £15.00

Henry Miller | Black Spring | Obelisk Press | 1938 | Second Edition. Printing of October 1938. Price has been obscured on front flap & back cover, & replaced by an updated publisher’s price stamped on back page. | £40.00

Henry Miller | Gallery One: Henry Miller Water Colours. Reopening exhibition 1st March-24th March 1956. | Gallery One | 1956 | Folded sheet with an introductory note (presumably by Victor Musgrave), a list of the 17 paintings by Miller shown in the front room, & a further list of the 11 paintings by other artists shown in the rear room (including the young Gillian Ayres). A further sheet reprints an article from the Times of March 12 1956: “The Novelist as Painter: Further Episode in Gallery One”. The front of the main sheet is marked, with a little tea splash on one upper corner & a paint or ink mark beside the title. A row of numbers (prices in guineas?) has been lightly written alongside the list of Miller’s watercolours. The Times offprint has old light crease marks from being folded into quarters at some time, & the exposed edges are somewhat worn. | £50.00 

Henry Miller | Nexus | Weidenfeld and Nicholson | 1964 | First edition. Brown cloth boards, gilt lettering on spine bright. Slight pressure mark where spine meets front board. Neat pencil ‘p77’ on fep, marginal pencil line marks passage on ‘vulgarity’ on that page. Paper slightly miscut on p331, 1cm tear where the excess has been folded back in. Dj is entire, slightly sunned but not faded. Stamped ‘Publication 17 Jul 1964’ inside the dj. A bright and attractive copy. | £35.00

Henry Miller | Sunday after the War | New Directions | 1944 | no jacket, very light wear to oatmeal cloth cover | £15.00

Henry Miller | The World of Sex | Olympia Press | 1957 | lower edge dustmarked, spine a little worn & foxed | £25.00

Lawrence Durrell | The Happy Rock: about Henry Miller | Village Press | 1973 | lower edge slightly bumped | £15.00

Michael Fraenkel | The Genesis of The Tropic of Cancer | Village Press | 1973 | exaggeratedly tall & narrow book is very slightly bowed, lower edge of cover is a little sunned | £15.00

Knud Merrild | All The Animals in The Zoo: about Henry Miller | Village Press | 1973 | exaggeratedly tall & narrow book is very slightly bowed | £15.00

Alfred Perles | My Friend Henry Miller | Neville Spearman | 1955 | at first glance, a very good hardback in unclipped jacket – but the book shows traces of being pored over & lived with: there are a few pencil markings in the margin, what look like light cigarette singe marks in the top corner of a couple of pages, a light splash at the edge of one page of the bibliography | £30.00

Emil Schnellock | Just a Brooklyn Boy: about Henry Miller | Village Press | 1973 | lower edge of cover is very slightly sunned, a little wear to corners, plain white back cover is marked | £10.00

Michael Moorcock | Stormbringer | Herbert Jenkins | 1965 | first edition in unclipped jacket; lamination has been applied to an already worn jacket, with short tears & loss at the edges, most seriously at the top & bottom of the spine; the boards are bumped at the lower front corner of the spine; the outer edge of the pageblock is foxed & dustmarked; the text pages are unmarked, but this is a worn & very obviously secondhand copy – First edition | £50.00

Cothburn O’Neal | The Gods of our Time | Anthony Gibbs & Phillips | 1962 | UK first edition – unclipped jacket looks impressive, despite some wear to edge; spine is scuffed, with a little loss to one corner; predominantly white back cover is rather marked & worn; outer edge of pageblock is dusty & foxed; old price or stock reference number in ink on ffep – First edition | £10.00


Spiro Peterson | The Counterfeit Lady Unveiled | Anchor | 1961 | Cover worn, though front cover design still looks good, back cover creased, edge foxed. | £20.00

John Cowper Powys | Owen Glendower | Cedric Chivers | 1974 | 0855949392 An excellent copy in unclipped jacket, top edge of pageblock foxed. | £40.00

Laura (Riding) Jackson | Lives of Wives | Carcanet | hardback in unclipped jacket | £20.00

Laura (Riding) Jackson | A Trojan Ending | Carcanet | Spine & edge of jacket faded, diagonal crease down spine of hard cover (apparently a binding fault, rather than later damage), otherwise in very good condition | £20.00

Sax Rohmer | The Green Eyes of Bast | Cassell | 1922 | First print of “popular edition” (original publication was 1920, with a further printing that year). Worn pocket edition with embossed design on cover & decorated spine, name on ffep, paper foxed. | £20.00

Delmore Schwartz | Successful Love | Corinth | 1961 | cover rather grubby & worn, outer edge of pageblock worn, no problem with text pages | £10.00

M. P. Shiel | Prince Zaleski | Cedric Chivers Portway | 1967 | Hardback in jacket, both in vg condition. | £20.00

Iain Sinclair | Buried at Sea | Worple Press | 2006 | 43/50, signed on title page, handwritten text by author on half title page, various inserts | £40.00

Iain Sinclair | Downriver | Random House | 1993 | hardback in jacket, 2nd impression of US 1st edition, inscribed by author on half title page | £40.00

Iain Sinclair | The Kodak Mantra Diaries | Albion Village Press | 1971 | There is a distinct wobble to the profile of this tall thin ringbound publication. The outer edge of the front cover is marked, & there is some wear to the edge, most evidently at the corners. Still an impressive artefact. No problem with text pages. | £60.00

Iain Sinclair | Radon Daughters | Jonathan Cape | 1994 | 1st edition in jacket, inscribed by author on title page, flyer for reading by Sinclair loosely inserted | £50.00

Iain Sinclair | Suicide Bridge | Albion Village Press | 1979 | 1st edition, signed by author on title page | £150.00

Iain Crichton Smith | Consider the Lilies | Gollancz | 1969 | third impression in price clipped jacket; closed tear at lower edge of fold of back flap | £15.00

Terry Southern & Mason Hoffenberg | Candy | Putnam | 1964 | ninth printing in priceclipped jacket | £15.00

Rex Warner | The Aerodrome | John Lane The Bodley Head | 1941 | First edition with publisher’s review slip loosely inserted, no jacket. | £500.00

Sylvia Townsend Warner | A Garland of Straw | Chatto & Windus | 1943 | Second impression, no jacket. Cover is sunned at spine & outer edge, some wear to extremities of spine & corners of cover. Previous owner’s name & rubber stamp on ffep. | £50.00

William Carlos Williams | The Build-up | Macgibbon & Kee | 1969 | First UK edition in unclipped jacket. A handsome copy, with a couple of rather unsightly clusters of foxing on outer edge of pageblock. | £30.00


Cornell Woolrich (as William Irish): I Wouldn’t be in Your Shoes. Hutchinson, nd (1946). Contents: I Wouldn’t be in Your Shoes; Last Night; Three o’Clock; Nightmare; & Papa Benjamin. No dustjacket, cover lightly worn, most evidently on spine & at lower corner of spine/front cover, where cloth is a little frayed, very light trace of erased pencil writing (a signature or similar) on ffep. £50.00

Cornell Woolrich, Ellery Queen [intr.] | The Ten Faces of Cornell Woolrich | Boardman | 1966 | UK 1st. Hardback in jacket. Price has been crossed out in ink on front flap of jacket. White background of jacket is foxed, as are endpapers. The logo on the spine of the book is rather faded. | £20.00 

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